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California, cousins, colors, Carlsbad, Chuck E. Cheese, chalk... the list goes on and on ! We are so fortunate to live in a place that 45 minutes in any direction puts us in a whole new adventure-land. And boy did we take advantage in April ! 

We headed south to Coronado and took on the breathtaking white sand beach in front of the Hotel Del Coronado. We strolled through the neighborhoods of what can only be described as dream homes and took in every photo op from street murals to historic buildings. Coronado is truly what dreams are made of and only a short drive over the bridge with incredible views or for the adventurous ones a ferry ride across the bay ! 

We headed West to the coast and hunted Easter eggs in Encinitas, and wandered the flower fields of Carlsbad. We took in the Good Guys Car Show in Del Mar, celebrating the second year of the first event we took Brook to post hospital discharge.

We headed North to spend a day of fun & games with cousins at Chuck E. Cheese and East to meet the newest girl to the gang, Baby Bailey. 

We hopped like a frog through our backyard chalk maze and dip dyed enough eggs to feed an army. Cheese was easily our favorite food this month and we ate it in what seemed like truck loads. Crafts were an almost daily occurrence and we conquered the art of color sorting and water painting. 

To say these Cali girls were on a serious 'C' inspired learning adventure is an understatement. We packed as many fun-filled days as we could into the already short month and are now well on our way to exploring anything the month of May and the letter 'D' have to offer. 



Have some activities near or far that you think would be a good addition to our agenda? Drop a comment below ! 

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