B is for ....

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B is for ... 

Big Bear, Baseball and Bubbles. 

Just kidding we all know that B is really for boxes ! Seriously, what is it about boxes that completely fascinates toddlers ? 

We had so much fun adventuring through the month of March exploring all things B. 

We had our first mommy and me outing to Big Bear and took this sweet girl out to the ball game ( where she had zero interest in any of it ). But most importantly there were BUBBLES ! 

We also got an amazing set of bongos from a coworker of mine that B just couldn’t get enough of. I love that she loves music, everything from dancing to it to creating it herself. We may have a rockstar on our hands or... a country music star if I’m lucky ! 

Books were read, Brook’s new favorite sign ‘bath’ was used (endlessly) and bows were worn e v e r y w h e r e.  

B was bountiful, but boy are we ready to begin adventuring our way through April and the letter ‘C’  

... after all it is the letter that begins our great state ! 



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