Dirty Hands Soap
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Dirty Hands Soap

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This mechanic's soap is an extra scrubby bar! The exfoliants help remove grease and oil from working hands. Both pumice and walnut shells are effective yet fine grained, so they are not overly abrasive. These bars are suitable for the body, but not recommended for gentle facial skin. They are great for rough spots like elbows, knees and heels. The fresh orange scent is a true orange scent, nothing sweet or sickening, just a perfectly clean scent!


Each soap is handmade using the cold-process soap method, using natural ingredients to ensure you the best experience. They are also cut by hand allowing a personal touch into every bar of soap sold. Because of the handmade nature, each bar may be slightly different in shape and color. Please note, this soap does best and will last the longest when kept dry in between uses.

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